Polyflor support BBC Home Renovation Show, Your Home Made Perfect

Anastasia Moore  1 May 2020 11:42:21
Polyflor support BBC Home Renovation Show, Your Home Made Perfect to transform the home of deserving Halifax Couple Jeremy and Paula.

Jeremy and Paula have lived in their 19th century home for 12 years however, their conservatory, the biggest room in the house, and the very space that made them fall in love with the property in the first place, has become an area they can rarely use due to accessibility issues for Paula who has MS and often needs to use a wheelchair.

The Conservatory's 20 year old structure has grown tired and the uneven floor surface means Paula has to manoeuvre heavy ramps to simply move from one side of her home to the other. Both Jeremy and Paula know they want a solution that will make the space usable once more and turned to the team at Your Home Made Perfect to help.

Architects Laura Jane Clark and Robert Jamison stepped in to pitch radically different solutions in virtual reality on how the space could be transformed within their relatively modest budget of £15,000. This innovative technology made it much easier to visualise what the space would look like and how it could be used. Jeremy and Paula opted for a garden room cleverly designed to make the most of their beautiful garden views.

The transformation stayed true to the virtual design and the modern structure was well considered to ensure it remained in keeping with the rest of the property. The slanted windows allowed Jeremy and Paula to enjoy their garden without heavy reflections restricting their view, and a rustic feature wall was fashioned out of recycled wood. The floor was levelled out so Paula could move freely from one space to the next and Polyflor Expona EnCore Rigid Loc LVT in Icelandic Oak was installed across the space, perfectly complementing the rest of the modern interior.

Sian Astley, Your Home Made Perfect project manager commented ‘As project manager on Your Home Made Perfect it’s great to be able to help our lovely homeowners specify fabulous materials. Being from Manchester, I was delighted they loved the Polyflor samples and chose the Icelandic Oak finish. Not only does it look the part, but is also incredibly practical for this garden room and durable for wheelchair use. It really ticks all the boxes for both me, and for our homeowners Jeremy and Paula.’

The faithfully replicated wood designs and fine wood grain surface texture gives the flooring an authentic finish, but as well as looking great it offers endless performance benefits too. This includes high durability, an acoustic layer, easy maintenance and use of 5G-i locking technology for quick and easy installation. It is also waterproof making it ideal for areas prone to accidental spillages. Jeremy and Paula liked their flooring so much that they even extended it all the way into the kitchen, further enhancing the flow of their home.

Both Jeremy and Paula were really pleased with their new space and Paula could once again enjoy all areas of her home, without difficulty. This project really highlights the value that virtual reality can bring to interior design. The ability to see the end result before any building work has even started can give people the confidence to proceed, completely comfortable that they have made the right decision.

Our new visualiser tool has been designed to give people a similar kind of reassurance when sourcing their new floor. The innovative technology means you can get an instant preview of your space, fully installed with your preferred products. Simply snap a picture, pick a design and watch the transformation happen.

Try out our quick and easy visualiser now…

Image:Polyflor support BBC Home Renovation Show, Your Home Made Perfect
Image:Polyflor support BBC Home Renovation Show, Your Home Made Perfect
Image:Polyflor support BBC Home Renovation Show, Your Home Made Perfect
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