LVT Trend Spotlight: Natural Raw Elements

Kerry Edwards  6 December 2017 09:33:15
The introduction of natural raw elements within interiors is a growing trend, heavily influenced by surging environmental awareness and the encouragement of individuals to become more eco-friendly.

In addition to reducing our carbon footprint, incorporating natural raw materials in interiors is an effective way of transforming large architectural spaces into spectacular interiors by giving them a natural feel and unique character. Elements such as concrete, reclaimed timbers, raw plywood, brickwork and steel are all materials commonly used in modern interiors, and their unfinished appearance added texture to an installation.  

Polyflor’s LVT collections offer a wide range natural and man-made designs which beautifully complement a plethora of raw building materials.  Here’s some examples on our Natural Raw Elements mood board.

Image:LVT Trend Spotlight: Natural Raw Elements

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