Polyflor Launches New Collection of Interwoven Vinyl Tiles WOVON

Lauren Hewitt-Crabb  7 January 2019 10:47:57
The idea behind Polyflor’s new Wovon range was to provide an opportunity to explore new textures and patterns whilst still offering great functionality. The Wovon collection of interwoven vinyl tiles provides a unique and diverse selection of weave designs that come with extraordinary depth and sophisticated aesthetics to cater for projects that require contemporary styling.

The new collection consists of three tile patterns – Serene, Optics and Structure- from these architects and designers can create a spectrum of stylish decorations with each one encouraging creative placements and resulting in striking visuals. The subtle design structure of Serene co-ordinates beautifully alongside a broad range of surfaces to create a calm and balanced interior. Whilst the Structure tile combines several weaving techniques to create a three-dimensional floor design to add character and depth. Optics, inspired by the properties of light, adapts to it’s surroundings with light reflecting patterns that bring any interior environment to life.

Available in a range of 18 unique design options in 500mm x 500mm tile format, the Wovon collection is a sustainable product choice which is 100% recyclable, Phthalate free and low VOC.

To find out more, order samples and to view the brochure visit https://www.polyflor.com/jh/products.nsf/products!open&family=ivt&prodcode=FXSC281

Image:Polyflor Launches New Collection of Interwoven Vinyl Tiles WOVON

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