Avoid A Slip Up When Choosing Safety Flooring

Kerry Edwards  8 January 2016 10:35:28
When leading healthcare publication Health Estate Journal asked Polyflor to produce a technical article on safety flooring we jumped at the chance. Choosing a safety floor is a confusing area for specifiers, with some flooring products in the market being promoted as “safety floors” when in fact they don’t meet the appropriate standards.  

Written by John Mellor, Polyflor’s Market Manager for safety flooring, the article looks at why safety flooring is important, what criteria a product needs to meet to be a true “safety floor” and the different testing methods that are used.

Although this article is focussing on the healthcare sector, the principles about safety flooring apply to all sectors so it is well worth a read if you are thinking of specifying safety flooring on your project.

Click here to download the guide as a pdf or view it online.

If you have any further questions about safety flooring you can contact our team on safetyflooring@polyflor.com or 0161 767 1111.

Image:Avoid A Slip Up When Choosing Safety Flooring

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