Expona Control - Slip Resistant LVT

Kerry Edwards  9 October 2017 15:04:33
Since its launch in 2013, our Expona Control collection of high design sustainable wet slip resistant LVTs has proven popular in the heavy commercial market, with a number of installations across the UK in interiors such as retirement homes, retail stores and education facilities.

By marrying two key areas; luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) & safety flooring, into one exceptional product, Expona Control is the world’s first sustainable wet slip resistant LVT, and features unobtrusive aluminium oxide particles throughout the wear layer to create a uniquely honest decoration that ensures sustainable wet slip resistance in heavy commercial areas, in full compliance with HSE Guidelines.

Image:Expona Control - Slip Resistant LVT

In Somerset Care’s latest care home, Stockmoor Lodge in Bridgwater, the Warm Grey Concrete design was chosen for the reception area and laid in an impressive diamond pattern alongside a black grouting strip, whilst the Light Elm design was used to create a herringbone pattern in the café area.

How does Expona Control decrease the risk of slippages?
Put simply, Expona Control is a slip resistance flooring solution that increases the friction between the foot and the floor through the inclusion of aggregate within the composition of the floor. These aggregate particles are not simply sprinkled onto the top as a coating that will wear off after a short time in use. Instead, aggregates are incorporated within the wear layer of each tile and plank to ensure sustainable slip performance. This enhanced wear layer creates a rougher, harder friction surface to ‘bite’ into the sole of the footwear, to create the necessary durability and underfoot safety.

Image:Expona Control - Slip Resistant LVT

Installed in the prestigious Slattery Patisserie and Chocolatier, Expona Control’s Cambrian Stone featured in the renovation of the ground floor where durability and sustainable slip resistance was critical for ensuring the safety of customers and staff.

Why choose Expona Control?
Safety flooring is increasingly specified to provide underfoot security for its users; be it customers, employees, students, patients, the general public and homeowners.  The slip resistant properties of a floorcovering like Expona Control become more critical in areas where moisture is trafficked from outside, such as retail stores which lead directly onto the high street, or particular areas that have an increased risk of spillage such as drink serveries, food halls and public bathrooms where liquids may be present.

Image:Expona Control - Slip Resistant LVT

Expona Control’s Light Elm wood effect planks were used to create a pathway through the newly refurbished Solihull School sixth form centre, linking the common room area and adjoining corridors and staircases.

The requirement for a flooring solution that fuses high-design aesthetics with sustainable performance is increasing in many buildings and across all sectors, meaning Expona Control reduces the risk of slip unlike other LVT floor finishes which may prohibit their specification and use.

For more information on Expona Control, visit polyflor.com/exponacontrol
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