Couple use virtual reality to visualise their new garden room

Emma Smith  11 December 2019 16:43:42
Truck salesman Mike and urban designer Lisa recently featured on BBC’s ‘Your Home, Made Perfect’ to give their Victorian home a property makeover. The 3 bedroom home in Shrewsbury had been a sanctuary for the creative couple for many years, however as their son is growing up the spacious home is becoming too tight for the family of three and their extremely varied range of conflicting hobbies. Two designers competed to provide a solution for the family’s shortage of space using virtual reality to present their ideas.

Lisa required a calming area to do yoga, whilst father and son, Mike and George needed a spot to be able to play their drums and the guitar as well as work on their bikes. It became obvious that they couldn’t accommodate for some of these activities in the home and therefore opted to create some additional space in a structure at the end of the garden.

The virtual reality visualisation greatly enhanced the experience and allowed them to see the extraordinary concepts being presented to them which would have been impossible to imagine without this innovative technology. Mike and Lisa chose a highly adaptable garden room that would blend the needs of the whole family.

The space was kept bright, airy and spacious with lots of triggers back to nature to create a relaxing ambiance perfectly suited for Lisa’s yoga sessions. The interior maintained a very neutral appearance and the installation of a bi-folding doorset allowed the room to be flooded with natural light whilst seamlessly merging the indoor and outdoor spaces. Camaro LVT in Cashmere Oak was installed to create a clean and contemporary flooring solution. Behind the garden room was a separate area created for Mike and George to play their instruments.

Mike and Lisa wanted their floor to be visually appealing as well as durable and easy to maintain. There was also a requirement for flooring that was warm to touch and comfortable to walk on bare foot. These requirements prompted their decision to opt for LVT as an alternative to natural wood.

Lisa Richards commented ‘We are delighted with our new floor and love its overall look and feel, it complements our new space so well’.

When renovating your home, the most difficult part is often visualising how you want it to look. Being able to preview their space through virtual reality helped make a difficult decision easy. Polyflor can offer a similar service with the new visualiser tool, allowing you to preview a selection of flooring options in your space and decide on the best fit.

Click here to take a look at our Camaro range and preview it within your space.

Image:Couple use virtual reality to visualise their new garden room
Image:Couple use virtual reality to visualise their new garden room

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