Parquet Flooring Propelled Back On Trend

Faye Alletson  12 May 2021 15:38:31
What is Parquet flooring?
Parquet flooring was first introduced in the 16th century in France, traditionally made up of wooden blocks laid in a geometric pattern and typically seen in the homes of the wealthy. In recent years parquet flooring has been propelled back on trend and has become a popular choice for modern and stylish homes.

Parquet flooring offers a sophisticated aesthetic that can be seamlessly implemented into a diverse mix of interior schemes from raw and industrial, to rustic cottagecare, to ultra-modern and luxurious.

Traditionally parquet flooring was made from oak hardwood, finished with vanish, but today there are lots of alternative shades and materials available including some from within our portfolio of Luxury Vinyl Tiles and Luxury Vinyl Sheet.

Camaro Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Our Camaro LVT collection features our popular Cambridge and Georgian parquet designs. The two oak shades, one darker and one lighter, create the appearance of a traditional hardwood parquet floor design with the enhanced durability and eased maintenance of an LVT.

Secura Luxury Vinyl Sheet (LVS)

Our newly updated Secura LVS collection features two new large parquet shades in a contemporary blond oak and light grey colourway. Aesthetically, the larger plank design and more contemporary shades take a modern twist on traditional parquet, whilst benefiting from its looselay sheet format in terms of comfort and durability, installation and maintenance, as well as affordability.

Designatex Luxury Vinyl Sheet (LVS)

For smaller more traditional parquet aesthetic but in the format of a looselay LVS format our Designatex LVS collection features four designs- dark, medium, and light as well as a more modern grey alternative. Similarly, to our Secura collection, Designatex benefits from comfort and durability, installation and maintenance, as well as affordability.

Our Camaro, Secura and Designatex collections can all be previewed in your own space using our room visualiser. Try it now!

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