LVT goes Large Format

Kerry Edwards  14 November 2017 09:17:16
2017 has been an exciting year for Polyflor’s LVT collections. We’ve witnessed 3 Expona collections relaunched, all of which have evolved to meet growing trends and demands in the commercial LVT market.

One of the biggest commercial interior trends we’ve seen in the market is the introduction of larger format planks and tiles, particularity in large scale interiors. Thus, during the crucial design and development stages of Expona Bevel Line, Expona Simply and Expona Commercial, we’ve ensured each collection offer designs in-line with this popular trend, whilst retaining their unique product specification and core functionality.  

Why choose large format floor tiles?

Large floor tiles are a popular choice for commercial interiors as they easily transform a space, with very little effort required. For smaller spaces, large format tiles conjure the impression of spaciousness, they amplify the sense of space and create an open and uncluttered look. Additionally, the result of fewer seams and grout lines eliminates any feeling of restrictiveness in cramped and confined interiors. Larger floor tiles also permit a quick and easy installation process; they take up a greater surface area in which installations can be completed with overall fewer planks or tiles.

Our Expona Commercial collection offers three 8”x 60” wood effect planks, all featuring a salvaged, distressed timber finish which is prevalent in modern commercial interiors.  

Image:LVT goes Large Format

For larger spaces, the surge in demand for clean, architectural and contemporary interiors lends itself to the popularity of larger floor tiles. Materials such as stone and concrete are fashionable choices for large scale flooring tiles, in line with the rise in popularity for natural elements in interiors.

Whilst genuine concrete looks fabulous, it can be susceptible to staining. LVT is a great alternative to achieve a similar effect and can be used to create a seamless open plan interior when combined with complementary large format tiles on the walls. Try the

larger size Mono tiles from the Expona Simplay collection, or these large format cement effects from the Expona Commercial range for a contemporary look.

Image:LVT goes Large Format
Image:LVT goes Large Format
Image:LVT goes Large Format

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