Vinyl vs Carpet

Anastasia Moore  27 August 2020 08:57:16
Now more than ever, there is a need to focus on hygiene and infection control. As cleaning regimes and standards have increased, now is the time to further improve cleanliness and safety by considering the changes that we can make to our surroundings. Materials that have long been the norm may not be adequate for infection control, and better alternatives are available.

Polyflor vinyl flooring products are proven not to harbour dirt. The 100% impervious surface has no joints for bacteria & viruses to congregate in and no fibres for germs to cling to. Coving the product removes the gap between the floor and wall, further reducing the number of contaminants.  A well-maintained vinyl floor is hygienic and doesn't support the growth of bacteria & viruses. When compared to carpet, it is clear that a smooth vinyl surface harbours less dirt & is more hygienic.

Polyflor vinyl flooring products feature smooth, resilient surfaces that are easier to clean than textile-based floor coverings. The PUR finish provides superior benefits, making cleaning quick and easy with minimal equipment. Introducing disinfectants can further enhance the maintenance regime. Most leading tablet and liquid disinfectants are safe to use with most Polyflor ranges. High-temperature cleaning can be carried out with vinyl products, helping to kill viruses present on the product surface. The 100% waterproof nature of the product also lends itself to regular wet cleaning, with fast drying times minimising disruption.

Vinyl flooring has long been the preferred choice in the healthcare sector, with carpet already removed from clinical settings. Polyflor products meet the strictest hygiene standards to be P22 NHS approved and are the ideal choice for any area where cleanliness and infection control are of high importance. Whether you are looking to update a healthcare setting or not, introducing vinyl as an alternative to carpet is the perfect way to increase hygiene and reduce the spread of infection.

Visit the Creating Clean Spaces hub to find out more about maintaining a hygienic environment.

Image:Vinyl vs Carpet
Image:Vinyl vs Carpet
Image:Vinyl vs Carpet
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