Out-of-the-box Design Floor Solutions

Kerry Edwards  28 September 2017 10:23:39
Recently we’ve seen an increase in popularity for design floors in the commercial market, as many customers want an aspirational and eye-catching flooring element to add to their interior design schemes. This is why we decided to include some innovative new out-of-the-box design floor options to our new Expona Commercial collection that were straightforward to install yet looked impressive. Here’s some of the wood and stone design floors that can be created with no cutting required!

Due to their popularity, the Blue Recycled Wood and Dark Recycled Wood designs have been carried forward into our refreshed Expona Commercial collection. Each box contains 12 planks of three different sizes, in various colour combinations for a reclaimed timber appearance.

Image:Out-of-the-box Design Floor Solutions

Creating a chevron pattern from standard LVT planks can be a costly and time-consuming process where accuracy is key. To make life easier, we’ve created the Golden Chevron Parquet and Tanned Chevron Parquet designs that feature a pre-laid chevron pattern.  Each pack includes both the left and right hand side patterns to form a continuous chevron pattern when the tiles are straight laid.

Image:Out-of-the-box Design Floor Solutions

The Endgrain Woodblock design is another Expona Commercial addition where a complex design that would require lots of precise cutting is made simple. This design also features an aligned emboss which marries up to the design on the decorative layer for a more authentic look.

Image:Out-of-the-box Design Floor Solutions

We’ve also added larger format planks to our new collection. This 8” x 60” size (shown here in the Painted Cement and Raw Cement designs) is unique to the LVT market, and is in line with current interior design trends for concrete and stone tiles to come in traditionally wood plank sizes.

Image:Out-of-the-box Design Floor Solutions

The Expona Commercial Amazonian Slate design shown here features three different tile sizes within each box, which can be used to create a stunningly intricate design without much effort! If you prefer a pale stone effect, new Frosted Marble is another multi-size design. Both of these new designs also feature bevelled edges for a more authentic finish.

Image:Out-of-the-box Design Floor Solutions

To view the updated Expona Commercial collection and order free samples please visit www.polyflor.com/lvt

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