Fast Track Flooring Solutions

Emma Smith  31 January 2020 11:45:05
Modern life is seeing us busier than ever before, therefore we have an increasing need for innovative solutions that save us time and money. This initiative is the inspiration behind the development of our fast track offerings at Polyflor.

Polyflor’s fast track options are available in two formats, loose lay flooring and Interlocking LVT. Both solutions offer endless benefits alongside quicker and simpler installation.

Quick installation-
Unlike traditional Luxury Vinyl Tile and Luxury Vinyl Sheet, our fast track flooring options can be installed without the need for adhesive. This significantly reduces installation time and mess, meaning floors can be installed with minimum disruption.

Excellent performance-
Fast track options are available for a range of use areas within both the commercial and residential sectors. They offer the durability and easy maintenance you would expect from a vinyl product, in a quick to install package. Whether you’re simply looking for beautiful design or have a more specific requirement like sustainable slip resistance or acoustic performance, we have a floor covering that will meet your needs.

Beautiful Floors-
Our fast track offering incorporates several stunning ranges that include wood, stone and abstract designs. This means you have ample of choice regardless of your use area.

In addition to the practical benefits of choosing a fast track floor, there are also several associated sustainability benefits. All our fast track options are adhesive-free, promoting excellent indoor air quality and low VOC emissions. This creates a healthy environment straight away. The fact that floors aren’t fixed also means entire floors can be uplifted and reused in other spaces or when appropriate returned and recycled via our Recofloor Scheme, further minimising waste. The space is left requiring minimal preparation to get it ready for the new covering to be installed.

Our Fast Track Flooring Ranges Include:

Camaro Loc
Camaro Loc is a collection of luxury interlocking vinyl floor tiles designed for use in residential interiors. The range offers beautiful designs, replicating the natural beauty of wood and stone. The planks and tiles can be quickly installed over Polyflor Vinyl Loc Underlay to offer acoustic benefits of 19dB impact sound reduction. Camaro Loc is also water resistant making it ideal for use in high spillage areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

Expona EnCore Rigid Loc
Expona EnCore Rigid Loc is a premium collection of rigid interlocking vinyl floor tiles, catering for both commercial and domestic interiors. The rigid construction, acoustic layer and use of the innovative 5G-i locking technology provides superior performance in a quick to install floor covering. EnCore is exceptionally durable, easy to maintain and 100% waterproof making it the perfect alternative to traditional hardwood and laminate flooring.

Polysafe Quicklay
Polysafe QuickLay is the perfect solution for busy commercial environments in need of a quick turnaround, where sustainable slip resistance is a priority. QuickLay offers 45+ slip resistance in an adhesive-free installation. Subfloor preparation is considerably reduced as Polysafe QuickLay can be laid directly over a number of subfloors and can be easily uplifted should there be a need to access the subfloor later. It features a tried and tested PUR coating that provides superior cleaning benefits and resistance to staining and chemicals. The range features a contemporary tonal colour bank of 12 shades, optimised for specification with dementia friendly design schemes.

Designatex is a textile backed loose lay Luxury Vinyl Sheet floor covering. The collection features an array of wood and stone designs to enhance any home interior. The soft textile backing on the underside of Designatex helps to mask any minor subfloor unevenness, provides warmth and comfort underfoot, and aids in reducing noise transfer between rooms. Designatex is lightweight and easy to handle whilst offering great performance benefits like easy maintenance and a hard wearing R10 level slip resistance. The perfect solution for busy home.

Secura is a collection of loose lay Luxury Vinyl Sheet floor coverings. The designs are influenced by natural materials like wood and stone whilst offering the practicality and durability that comes from a Luxury Vinyl Sheet. The addition of a cushion backing provides warmth and comfort underfoot, and aids in reducing noise transfer between rooms. Secura also features benefits like easy maintenance and a hard wearing R10 level slip resistance, making it ideal for any busy home.

The Expona Simplay loose lay vinyl tiles and planks have been developed for heavy commercial interiors, where a design-led and practical floorcovering is required. The innovative vinyl construction features a glass fibre stabilisation layer to enhance dimensional stability, and a unique honeycomb backing layer to ensure the tiles stay in position. The collection features 40 shades and perfectly aligns with carpet tiles making it the ideal solution for office environments. It can also work well in the retail sector and other continually evolving spaces as individual tiles can be swapped and changed according to the layout of the space.

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