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Traditional library refurb benefits from the vibrancy, durability and sustainability of Palettone

Modern architecture and interior design are increasingly used to merge education and creativity in schools. Colour and imagination combine to develop spaces that allow teachers and students to engage effectively and bring learning to life.

Real Colegio Santa Isabel-La Asunción, a prestigious school in Madrid established in 1876, recently undertook a widescale renovation to bring its fit out in line with modern educational expectations and inspire future generations.

Architects Elena Bolarín Sánchez and Paloma López of E-motion Lab – a multidisciplinary design team specialising in educational, training and growth environments – were appointed to transform the interior of the building’s library in the summer of 2020.

The redesign and configuration of the library saw it split into different zones, each designed to act as an educational tool in its own right, which the architects defined using a variety of different coloured flooring coverings.

Having scoured the market for a suitable solution, Bolarín and López came across Polyflor’s Palettone collection. This durable yet stylish vinyl features a solid colour base with complementary toned highlights, creating a range of 50 shades, varying from pale neutrals through to more intense hues. Working to a colour palette of primary colours – reds, yellows and blues – as well as complementary whites and greys, the collection was perfect for the architects’ needs, and ten different colours were selected for the scheme.

Provided in the form of a flexible vinyl sheet, Palettone was also selected for its ability to be easily cut to suit the soft arches, waves and circular patterns that Bolarín and López wished to use across the library’s flooring layout. The covering is also easy to maintain thanks to its high quality polyurethane reinforcement, and offers outstanding durability, making it ideally suited to heavy traffic communal areas, such as school settings. Additionally, it offers sustainability benefits, having achieved an A+ rating from BRE Global for major use areas.

The project was completed to such a level of success, that Polyflor is now the supplier of choice for future E-motion Lab projects.

Emilio Parron, Regional Manager for Polyflor Spain, said: “Palettone offers a huge breadth of lively and vibrant colours, which is exactly what the architects from E-motion Lab were seeking. The result of the project means the library now has an interior that creates a motivating and engaging learning environment for pupils of all ages. Palettone is also being used on another library project for E-motion Lab, demonstrating its high quality specification and ability to suit a variety of different design schemes.”

Top benefits:

ˇ Outstanding durability, ideal for heavy traffic environments
ˇ Solid colour base with complementary toned highlights in a palette of 50 contemporary shades
ˇ Features a layer of polyurethane reinforcement for easy cleaning and maintenance
ˇ Rated A+ for major use areas from BRE Global