LVT Trend Spotlight: Natural Raw Elements

Kerry Edwards  6 December 2017 09:33:15
The introduction of natural raw elements within interiors is a growing trend, heavily influenced by surging environmental awareness and the encouragement of individuals to become more eco-friendly.

In addition to reducing our carbon footprint, incorporating natural raw materials in interiors is an effective way of transforming large architectural spaces into spectacular interiors by giving them a natural feel and unique character. Elements such as concrete, reclaimed timbers, raw plywood, brickwork and steel are all materials commonly used in modern interiors, and their unfinished appearance added texture to an installation.  

Polyflor’s LVT collections offer a wide range natural and man-made designs which beautifully complement a plethora of raw building materials.  Here’s some examples on our Natural Raw Elements mood board.

Image:LVT Trend Spotlight: Natural Raw Elements

Create a simple design floor with Expona Format Mixes

Kerry Edwards  28 November 2017 10:14:18
Our Expona format mix designs have been developed to offer a simple method of producing a creative and authentic wood or stone LVT installation.

All our designs are supplied in 3 plank or tile sizes in the one box, and can be laid in an array of patterns to best complement a room’s dimensions, or encourage a certain behaviour by the user across a space.

Furthermore, our format mixes successfully enhance each design’s authenticity, as they are based on natural materials such as timber, marble and slate in their raw state and often are supplied in varying sizes. By offering a variety of plank and tile sizes, this reduces the time and cost of additional cutting on site, again making these flooring designs a simple yet effective method to further enhance an interior scheme.

Expona Commercial

Format Mixes, available in 2 colours - 5104 Frosted Marble and 5059 Amazonian Slate. Tiles are supplied in 3 sizes, 30 tiles per box.

Image:Create a simple design floor with Expona Format Mixes

Image:Create a simple design floor with Expona Format Mixes

Expona Bevel Line

Format Mixes available in 2 colours - 2816 Boardwalk Variety Oak and 2815 Enriched Variety Oak. Planks are supplied in 3 widths with 36 planks per box (12 of each size).
Image:Create a simple design floor with Expona Format Mixes
Image:Create a simple design floor with Expona Format Mixes

To find our more about our LVT collections, please visit the Polyflor website –

LVT Trend Spotlight : Biophilic Design

Kerry Edwards  21 November 2017 10:49:36
A commercial interior trend we’ve witnessed over recent years is Biophilic Design – the idea of bringing the outdoors into your interior space, incorporating natural elements in a rooms layout.

This trend has proven particularly popular in offices, retail environments, leisure and healthcare interiors. The concept of integrating direct or indirect elements of nature within an environment has proven to reduce stress levels and blood pressure, whilst boosting productivity and self-reported rates of wellbeing.

Polyflor’s collections offer both a wide range of designs inspired by man-made and natural materials, making it an ideal for choice for biophilic interiors. Take a look at our mood board for some ideas!

Image:LVT Trend Spotlight : Biophilic Design

LVT goes Large Format

Kerry Edwards  14 November 2017 09:17:16
2017 has been an exciting year for Polyflor’s LVT collections. We’ve witnessed 3 Expona collections relaunched, all of which have evolved to meet growing trends and demands in the commercial LVT market.

One of the biggest commercial interior trends we’ve seen in the market is the introduction of larger format planks and tiles, particularity in large scale interiors. Thus, during the crucial design and development stages of Expona Bevel Line, Expona Simply and Expona Commercial, we’ve ensured each collection offer designs in-line with this popular trend, whilst retaining their unique product specification and core functionality.  

Why choose large format floor tiles?

Large floor tiles are a popular choice for commercial interiors as they easily transform a space, with very little effort required. For smaller spaces, large format tiles conjure the impression of spaciousness, they amplify the sense of space and create an open and uncluttered look. Additionally, the result of fewer seams and grout lines eliminates any feeling of restrictiveness in cramped and confined interiors. Larger floor tiles also permit a quick and easy installation process; they take up a greater surface area in which installations can be completed with overall fewer planks or tiles.

Our Expona Commercial collection offers three 8”x 60” wood effect planks, all featuring a salvaged, distressed timber finish which is prevalent in modern commercial interiors.  

Image:LVT goes Large Format

For larger spaces, the surge in demand for clean, architectural and contemporary interiors lends itself to the popularity of larger floor tiles. Materials such as stone and concrete are fashionable choices for large scale flooring tiles, in line with the rise in popularity for natural elements in interiors.

Whilst genuine concrete looks fabulous, it can be susceptible to staining. LVT is a great alternative to achieve a similar effect and can be used to create a seamless open plan interior when combined with complementary large format tiles on the walls. Try the

larger size Mono tiles from the Expona Simplay collection, or these large format cement effects from the Expona Commercial range for a contemporary look.

Image:LVT goes Large Format
Image:LVT goes Large Format
Image:LVT goes Large Format

Explore the Expona collections in more depth on our website –  

LVT Trend Spotlight : Zoning

Kerry Edwards  7 November 2017 15:22:09
Zoning within commercial interiors is a trend which we’ve seen repeatedly over recent years. It can be effectively used in large open plan spaces to encourage certain behaviour, as well as heightening the overall experience for its users. Zoning can be easily achieved with LVT with very little effort to create eye-catching and stimulating designs, including corridors, walk paths as well as highlighting feature areas.

Not only can zoning be used for decorative purposes, it proves extremely effective for practical use too. Our Affinity255 LVT has been developed to work alongside 2mm vinyl sheet flooring, creating flooring solutions for dual purpose areas which require different flooring specifications. For instance, entrances and exits, self service restaurants and washrooms, are areas that are prone to spillages and therefore require a safety floor, but a different product can be used in the areas leading away from here as decoration may be more important than slip resistance.

To take a look at our wide variety of Expona luxury vinyl tile designs please visit the Polyflor website –  

Image:LVT Trend Spotlight : Zoning

Polyflor launches more BIM Objects

Kerry Edwards  30 October 2017 10:52:41
With 38 collections and 665 flooring designs to download from our BIM Library, Polyflor now offers more BIM Objects than ever before!

Available for use on Revit Architecture and IFC software platforms, all our BIM Objects feature up to date and accurate technical information for creating high quality 3D models.

The following collections were launched in 2017 and are now available as BIM objects…

·        Expona Commercial

·        Expona Simplay

·        Expona Bevel Line

·        Forest fx

·        Silentflor

Visit the Polyflor website or to download Polyflor’s BIM objects for free.

Image:Polyflor launches more BIM Objects

Expona Control - Slip Resistant LVT

Kerry Edwards  9 October 2017 15:04:33
Since its launch in 2013, our Expona Control collection of high design sustainable wet slip resistant LVTs has proven popular in the heavy commercial market, with a number of installations across the UK in interiors such as retirement homes, retail stores and education facilities.

By marrying two key areas; luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) & safety flooring, into one exceptional product, Expona Control is the world’s first sustainable wet slip resistant LVT, and features unobtrusive aluminium oxide particles throughout the wear layer to create a uniquely honest decoration that ensures sustainable wet slip resistance in heavy commercial areas, in full compliance with HSE Guidelines.

Image:Expona Control - Slip Resistant LVT

In Somerset Care’s latest care home, Stockmoor Lodge in Bridgwater, the Warm Grey Concrete design was chosen for the reception area and laid in an impressive diamond pattern alongside a black grouting strip, whilst the Light Elm design was used to create a herringbone pattern in the café area.

How does Expona Control decrease the risk of slippages?
Put simply, Expona Control is a slip resistance flooring solution that increases the friction between the foot and the floor through the inclusion of aggregate within the composition of the floor. These aggregate particles are not simply sprinkled onto the top as a coating that will wear off after a short time in use. Instead, aggregates are incorporated within the wear layer of each tile and plank to ensure sustainable slip performance. This enhanced wear layer creates a rougher, harder friction surface to ‘bite’ into the sole of the footwear, to create the necessary durability and underfoot safety.

Image:Expona Control - Slip Resistant LVT

Installed in the prestigious Slattery Patisserie and Chocolatier, Expona Control’s Cambrian Stone featured in the renovation of the ground floor where durability and sustainable slip resistance was critical for ensuring the safety of customers and staff.

Why choose Expona Control?
Safety flooring is increasingly specified to provide underfoot security for its users; be it customers, employees, students, patients, the general public and homeowners.  The slip resistant properties of a floorcovering like Expona Control become more critical in areas where moisture is trafficked from outside, such as retail stores which lead directly onto the high street, or particular areas that have an increased risk of spillage such as drink serveries, food halls and public bathrooms where liquids may be present.

Image:Expona Control - Slip Resistant LVT

Expona Control’s Light Elm wood effect planks were used to create a pathway through the newly refurbished Solihull School sixth form centre, linking the common room area and adjoining corridors and staircases.

The requirement for a flooring solution that fuses high-design aesthetics with sustainable performance is increasing in many buildings and across all sectors, meaning Expona Control reduces the risk of slip unlike other LVT floor finishes which may prohibit their specification and use.

For more information on Expona Control, visit

Out-of-the-box Design Floor Solutions

Kerry Edwards  28 September 2017 10:23:39
Recently we’ve seen an increase in popularity for design floors in the commercial market, as many customers want an aspirational and eye-catching flooring element to add to their interior design schemes. This is why we decided to include some innovative new out-of-the-box design floor options to our new Expona Commercial collection that were straightforward to install yet looked impressive. Here’s some of the wood and stone design floors that can be created with no cutting required!

Due to their popularity, the Blue Recycled Wood and Dark Recycled Wood designs have been carried forward into our refreshed Expona Commercial collection. Each box contains 12 planks of three different sizes, in various colour combinations for a reclaimed timber appearance.

Image:Out-of-the-box Design Floor Solutions

Creating a chevron pattern from standard LVT planks can be a costly and time-consuming process where accuracy is key. To make life easier, we’ve created the Golden Chevron Parquet and Tanned Chevron Parquet designs that feature a pre-laid chevron pattern.  Each pack includes both the left and right hand side patterns to form a continuous chevron pattern when the tiles are straight laid.

Image:Out-of-the-box Design Floor Solutions

The Endgrain Woodblock design is another Expona Commercial addition where a complex design that would require lots of precise cutting is made simple. This design also features an aligned emboss which marries up to the design on the decorative layer for a more authentic look.

Image:Out-of-the-box Design Floor Solutions

We’ve also added larger format planks to our new collection. This 8” x 60” size (shown here in the Painted Cement and Raw Cement designs) is unique to the LVT market, and is in line with current interior design trends for concrete and stone tiles to come in traditionally wood plank sizes.

Image:Out-of-the-box Design Floor Solutions

The Expona Commercial Amazonian Slate design shown here features three different tile sizes within each box, which can be used to create a stunningly intricate design without much effort! If you prefer a pale stone effect, new Frosted Marble is another multi-size design. Both of these new designs also feature bevelled edges for a more authentic finish.

Image:Out-of-the-box Design Floor Solutions

To view the updated Expona Commercial collection and order free samples please visit

Polyflor donates flooring to hospital family room project

Kerry Edwards  5 September 2017 16:03:59
Polyflor recently donated Expona Flow commercial sheet vinyl flooring to a charity project at University Hospital Wales in Cardiff.

Fundraiser and project coordinator Jamie Nicholas from Newport City Homes organised the refurbishment of a family room in the intensive care unit. Jamie spent a lot of time at the hospital after his son had a bike accident and suffered a very serious brain injury.

The donated flooring was installed by Cardiff-based flooring contractors Puma Floors. The chosen flooring design was Charcoal Pine from the Expona Flow heterogeneous collection.

Image:Polyflor donates flooring to hospital family room project
Image:Polyflor donates flooring to hospital family room project

Brand new Forest fx collection

Kerry Edwards  30 August 2017 15:32:10
Did you know that we’ve recently relaunched our Forest fx sheet vinyl flooring collection with 9 brand new shades?

Ideal for commercial environments in a variety a sectors, this 2.0mm gauge heterogeneous flooring collection with a 0.7mm wear layer now features on-trend contemporary grey-toned oaks and rustic wood designs.

The new designs added to the collection are…

·        Oslo Oak
·        Alloyed Timber
·        Eton Oak Parquet
·        Parish Oak Parquet
·        Grey Sawmill Oak
·        Blanched Oak
·        Newport Oak
·        Rock Salt Oak
·        Rural Deckwood

To find out more about our refreshed Forest fx collection and order your free product samples, visit the Polyflor website –

Image:Brand new Forest fx collection

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