Discover a new world of colour with Palettone

Alison Gilmore  22 June 2018 15:49:34
Polyflor is delighted to announce the launch of their spectacularly colourful new homogeneous flooring collection, Palettone PUR. The premium Palettone range offers a full spectrum of colour, with 50 shades to choose from including classic neutrals, soothing pastels and daring brights. Featuring a non-directional, semi-matt emboss for the even distribution of light reflectance, the palette is split into seven colour groups - Cool Greys, Warm Greys, Greens, Blues, Pink Purples, Yellow Reds and Beige Browns.

With each Palettone design being made up of a solid colour base and complementary toned highlights, the collection includes shades designed to inspire commercial projects, such as Lunar Landscape, Festival Field, Faded Denim, Sugar Candy, Cayenne Heat and China Clay.  Designed for contemporary interior design schemes in commercial, leisure, retail, education, healthcare and office projects, durable Palettone sheet vinyl flooring has a 2mm gauge and features a high quality polyurethane reinforcement.

All 50 Palettone shades are available in 2 x 20m sheet format, while 12 of these shades are available in 608 x 608mm tiles and 6 are available in an SD sheet specification. Polyflor Static Dissipative products are engineered for use where static control is required, so Palettone SD is ideal for use in telecommunications installations, computer rooms, electronic manufacturing and healthcare facilities, such as scanner rooms, X-ray suites and operating theatres.

Palettone is 100% recyclable through the Recofloor vinyl take back scheme and contains recycled material.

Visit to see the collection, view the brochure and order free samples.

Image:Discover a new world of colour with Palettone

New Polysafe Quattro safety flooring for barefoot and shod areas

Kerry Edwards  12 February 2018 11:01:01
Polyflor’s first product launch of 2018 is the brand new Polysafe Quattro PUR collection! This innovative safety flooring range offers barefoot and shod sustainable wet slip resistance with a stud-free finish for enhanced comfort underfoot.

Designed to provide sustainable slip resistance in both wet and dry areas for barefoot and shod users, the Polysafe Quattro range is ideal for areas such as changing rooms, walk-in showers, wet rooms, adapted bathrooms, spas and pool surrounds in both residential and commercial environments. Available in a carefully developed colour palette of 12 shades, this HSE compliant 2mm gauge flexible sheet flooring product achieves 50+ on the Pendulum Test (Slider 96)

Visit the Safety flooring section of our website – - to find out more about Polysafe Quattro’s performance credentials, view our new brochure and order free samples.  

Image:New Polysafe Quattro safety flooring for barefoot and shod areas

Polyflor donates iPads to Manchester primary school

Kerry Edwards  9 January 2018 15:02:02
Polyflor Ltd recently donated 8 iPads to a Manchester primary school as part of their commitment to supporting the local community.

The iPads, which were formerly used by their salesforce, were donated to Prospect Vale Primary School in Heald Green, Greater Manchester, where they are being used by students as interactive learning aids in the classroom.

Here are two of Prospect Vale Primary School’s students with Sonia Petherbridge, Polyflor’s Sustainability Market Manager, headteacher Mr. McDowell and Deputy Head Mr Papadopoulos.

Image:Polyflor donates iPads to Manchester primary school

LVT Trend Spotlight: New Opulence

Kerry Edwards  13 December 2017 10:13:03
There’s a fresh trend in town – New Opulence. Heavily influenced by the 1920’s Art Deco glamour and fashions of 18th century France, it’s certain that this retro trend has come full circle.

New Opulence in modern interiors is characterised by metallic accenting and accessories, rich tonal woods, wall panelling and luxury marble stone floors, as well as luxe materials such as leather and velvet. Additionally, dark coloured walls in navy, emerald green and claret provide the perfect backdrop for bold opulent furnishings and flooring designs.      

Our parquet and chevron LVT planks are a perfect choice for New Opulence interiors. Striking wood effect floors can be achieved using one or more designs, or alternatively our expansive collection of stone effect LVTs can be beautifully enhanced when paired with inlay strip accessories – particularly our metallic feature strips.

To order free samples of any Expona luxury vinyl tile design visit

Image:LVT Trend Spotlight: New Opulence

LVT Trend Spotlight: Natural Raw Elements

Kerry Edwards  6 December 2017 09:33:15
The introduction of natural raw elements within interiors is a growing trend, heavily influenced by surging environmental awareness and the encouragement of individuals to become more eco-friendly.

In addition to reducing our carbon footprint, incorporating natural raw materials in interiors is an effective way of transforming large architectural spaces into spectacular interiors by giving them a natural feel and unique character. Elements such as concrete, reclaimed timbers, raw plywood, brickwork and steel are all materials commonly used in modern interiors, and their unfinished appearance added texture to an installation.  

Polyflor’s LVT collections offer a wide range natural and man-made designs which beautifully complement a plethora of raw building materials.  Here’s some examples on our Natural Raw Elements mood board.

Image:LVT Trend Spotlight: Natural Raw Elements

Create a simple design floor with Expona Format Mixes

Kerry Edwards  28 November 2017 10:14:18
Our Expona format mix designs have been developed to offer a simple method of producing a creative and authentic wood or stone LVT installation.

All our designs are supplied in 3 plank or tile sizes in the one box, and can be laid in an array of patterns to best complement a room’s dimensions, or encourage a certain behaviour by the user across a space.

Furthermore, our format mixes successfully enhance each design’s authenticity, as they are based on natural materials such as timber, marble and slate in their raw state and often are supplied in varying sizes. By offering a variety of plank and tile sizes, this reduces the time and cost of additional cutting on site, again making these flooring designs a simple yet effective method to further enhance an interior scheme.

Expona Commercial

Format Mixes, available in 2 colours - 5104 Frosted Marble and 5059 Amazonian Slate. Tiles are supplied in 3 sizes, 30 tiles per box.

Image:Create a simple design floor with Expona Format Mixes

Image:Create a simple design floor with Expona Format Mixes

Expona Bevel Line

Format Mixes available in 2 colours - 2816 Boardwalk Variety Oak and 2815 Enriched Variety Oak. Planks are supplied in 3 widths with 36 planks per box (12 of each size).
Image:Create a simple design floor with Expona Format Mixes
Image:Create a simple design floor with Expona Format Mixes

To find our more about our LVT collections, please visit the Polyflor website –

LVT Trend Spotlight : Biophilic Design

Kerry Edwards  21 November 2017 10:49:36
A commercial interior trend we’ve witnessed over recent years is Biophilic Design – the idea of bringing the outdoors into your interior space, incorporating natural elements in a rooms layout.

This trend has proven particularly popular in offices, retail environments, leisure and healthcare interiors. The concept of integrating direct or indirect elements of nature within an environment has proven to reduce stress levels and blood pressure, whilst boosting productivity and self-reported rates of wellbeing.

Polyflor’s collections offer both a wide range of designs inspired by man-made and natural materials, making it an ideal for choice for biophilic interiors. Take a look at our mood board for some ideas!

Image:LVT Trend Spotlight : Biophilic Design

LVT goes Large Format

Kerry Edwards  14 November 2017 09:17:16
2017 has been an exciting year for Polyflor’s LVT collections. We’ve witnessed 3 Expona collections relaunched, all of which have evolved to meet growing trends and demands in the commercial LVT market.

One of the biggest commercial interior trends we’ve seen in the market is the introduction of larger format planks and tiles, particularity in large scale interiors. Thus, during the crucial design and development stages of Expona Bevel Line, Expona Simply and Expona Commercial, we’ve ensured each collection offer designs in-line with this popular trend, whilst retaining their unique product specification and core functionality.  

Why choose large format floor tiles?

Large floor tiles are a popular choice for commercial interiors as they easily transform a space, with very little effort required. For smaller spaces, large format tiles conjure the impression of spaciousness, they amplify the sense of space and create an open and uncluttered look. Additionally, the result of fewer seams and grout lines eliminates any feeling of restrictiveness in cramped and confined interiors. Larger floor tiles also permit a quick and easy installation process; they take up a greater surface area in which installations can be completed with overall fewer planks or tiles.

Our Expona Commercial collection offers three 8”x 60” wood effect planks, all featuring a salvaged, distressed timber finish which is prevalent in modern commercial interiors.  

Image:LVT goes Large Format

For larger spaces, the surge in demand for clean, architectural and contemporary interiors lends itself to the popularity of larger floor tiles. Materials such as stone and concrete are fashionable choices for large scale flooring tiles, in line with the rise in popularity for natural elements in interiors.

Whilst genuine concrete looks fabulous, it can be susceptible to staining. LVT is a great alternative to achieve a similar effect and can be used to create a seamless open plan interior when combined with complementary large format tiles on the walls. Try the

larger size Mono tiles from the Expona Simplay collection, or these large format cement effects from the Expona Commercial range for a contemporary look.

Image:LVT goes Large Format
Image:LVT goes Large Format
Image:LVT goes Large Format

Explore the Expona collections in more depth on our website –  

LVT Trend Spotlight : Zoning

Kerry Edwards  7 November 2017 15:22:09
Zoning within commercial interiors is a trend which we’ve seen repeatedly over recent years. It can be effectively used in large open plan spaces to encourage certain behaviour, as well as heightening the overall experience for its users. Zoning can be easily achieved with LVT with very little effort to create eye-catching and stimulating designs, including corridors, walk paths as well as highlighting feature areas.

Not only can zoning be used for decorative purposes, it proves extremely effective for practical use too. Our Affinity255 LVT has been developed to work alongside 2mm vinyl sheet flooring, creating flooring solutions for dual purpose areas which require different flooring specifications. For instance, entrances and exits, self service restaurants and washrooms, are areas that are prone to spillages and therefore require a safety floor, but a different product can be used in the areas leading away from here as decoration may be more important than slip resistance.

To take a look at our wide variety of Expona luxury vinyl tile designs please visit the Polyflor website –  

Image:LVT Trend Spotlight : Zoning

Polyflor launches more BIM Objects

Kerry Edwards  30 October 2017 10:52:41
With 38 collections and 665 flooring designs to download from our BIM Library, Polyflor now offers more BIM Objects than ever before!

Available for use on Revit Architecture and IFC software platforms, all our BIM Objects feature up to date and accurate technical information for creating high quality 3D models.

The following collections were launched in 2017 and are now available as BIM objects…

·        Expona Commercial

·        Expona Simplay

·        Expona Bevel Line

·        Forest fx

·        Silentflor

Visit the Polyflor website or to download Polyflor’s BIM objects for free.

Image:Polyflor launches more BIM Objects

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