Expona Provides Stylish Finish to Ireland’s Leading Sports Store

Lauren Hewitt-Crabb  8 February 2019 14:25:35
A selection of Expona Commercial Stone and Wood effect Luxury Vinyl Tiles were used in the recent renovation work completed at Elverys Sports’ Bridgewater Store in Arklow, Ireland by Tom Walsh Flooring Contractors, Limerick and distributed from Provincial Floor Coverings Ltd.

Before laying the new floor significant subfloor preparation was required including the removal of the existing floor covering consisting of porcelain tiles on the main shop floor and vinyl tiles in the back of house locations. Some walls were also removed to give a more spacious open appearance and 800m2 of new floor covering of Polyflor Expona Commercial in Cool Grey Concrete and Bronzed Salvaged Wood.

Expona Commercial was the ideal choice as it is suitable for high traffic areas such as a store or commercial shopping area. The contrasting designs also allowed the contractor to highlight certain areas of the store positioning the wood planks around the tills and the Cool Grey Concrete tiles to fill the rest of the area.

Tom Walsh from Tom Walsh Flooring Contractors comments, ‘The stylish, modern designs of both the concrete and wood finishes complement the interior design scheme perfectly. The properties of the product leaves us confident that this flooring will provide the safety and assurance needed in a commercial environment for the lifetime of this product.’

The Expona Commercial range was created to bring flooring solutions that are tailor made to suit the customers vision with reproductions of the widest range of natural and man-made materials combined with innovative modern finishes. Designed for commercial interiors, all Expona products are enhanced with Polyflor PUR, Polyflor’s exclusive and robust polyurethane reinforcement which is cross linked and UV cured to provide superior cleaning benefits and a cost effective maintenance regime.

The Expona Commercial range features 80 inspiring wood, stone and abstract effect designs, 55 of which are brand new additions to the collection. With new parquet, painted, mosaic, rustic and metallic effects, Expona Commercial LVT can be used to create adventurous interior schemes featuring bold statement flooring designs which tap into the latest architectural trends. Stunning yet subtle flooring designs in more traditional reproductions of natural materials give balance to this varied collection of 2.5mm gauge luxury vinyl tiles.

The complete Expona Commercial collection is showcased within a brochure, presenter and shadecard. Sampling from all Expona ranges can be ordered free of charge on the Polyflor website or by calling the Polyflor Samples Direct Hotline on 0161 767 2551. Expona Commercial luxury vinyl tiles contain recycled material and are 100% recyclable via the Recofloor vinyl take back scheme.

Image:Expona Provides Stylish Finish to Ireland’s Leading Sports Store

Polyflor Features in UK’s First Energy Positive Building

Lauren Hewitt-Crabb  24 January 2019 14:38:09
Designed by SPECIFIC, a UK innovation and knowledge centre led by Swansea University, the Active Office will be the UKs first energy positive building, generating more energy than it uses over the course of a year.

Manufactured and delivered by offsite specialists Wernick Buildings the office features integrated solar cells in the curved roof, lithium ion batteries to store electricity and a 2,000 litre water tank to store solar heat. Polyflor products chosen for the build included Polysafe Hydro Evolve, Expona Flow PUR and Polysafe Arena.

Polysafe Hydro Evolve in Colorado, used for the accessible shower, features safety aggregates in the vinyl and a raised pimple emboss for added grip and underfoot safety is highly suited for disabled adaptations. Available in 8 colours Hydro Evolve enables you to create a safe yet attractive interior.

Expona Flow PUR in Dark Industrial Concrete was used in the entrance foyer, comms and breakout rooms. Specifically developed for heavy commercial installations featuring an industrial concrete design for added authenticity and a stylish finish, this floorcovering complements modern interiors, forming the basis for an impressive entrance hall.

Polysafe Arena in Flagstone Grey was used throughout the toilets, cleaning cupboards, and plant room. Replicating a flagstone material, the range incorporates clear aluminium oxide particles in the vinyl which are virtually invisible, ensuring an attractive floor finish which offers sustainable slip resistance throughout the products guaranteed life.

Robert Townsend, Key Account Manager at Wernick commented, “Our aim for this project was to provide high quality finish, and be as sustainable as possible in every aspect of the building. Polyflor’s products were the perfect match for this brief.”

In keeping with the energy positive nature of the build, all the Expona Flow PUR, Polysafe Arena PUR and Polysafe Hydro Evolve fitted on site is 100% recyclable and achieves a A+ BRE rating.  
Image:Polyflor Features in UK’s First Energy Positive Building

Polyflor Launches New Colonia Collection

Lauren Hewitt-Crabb  7 January 2019 10:53:36
Building on the continued success of their Luxury Vinyl Tile offering, Polyflor is delighted to reveal an exciting new Colonia range.

The updated Colonia Collection features all 18 original shades with the introduction of 8 brand new on trend designs. Following extensive design, trend and performance research each shade is carefully developed to complement a variety of residential interiors and reflect the current interior design trends, identified by our in-house design teams.

The expanded collection now consists of 26 shades, including 15 stunning wood effects, 8 beautiful stone and 3 contemporary concrete designs, also offering an exclusive selection of inlay accessories that have been purposefully designed to enhance each shade within the Colonia collection.

With a 2.0mm gauge and a 0.2mm wear layer Colonia has been constructed to withstand the demands of busy lifestyles and engineered specifically for the residential sector including private housing, social housing, housebuilders and housing association. Each plank and tile features a protective polyurethane reinforcement treatment and is UV cured to provide enhanced protection from everyday wear and tear, and offers a polish-free maintenance regime.

The new Colonia collection features a vast array of inspirational installation photography that can be found in a brand new 84-page brochure alongside styling tips and project planning guides. This is accompanied by several sales support items including a new and improved retail presenter, shade card and retail display unit.

Colonia flooring is 100% recyclable, contains recycled content and certified very low for VOC emissions achieving a Gold Indoor Air Comfort Level, an internationally recognised indoor air quality standard.

To find out more, order samples and to view the brochure visit https://www.polyflor.com/jh/products.nsf/products!open&family=lux&prodcode=cw1

Image:Polyflor Launches New Colonia Collection

Polyflor Launches New Collection of Interwoven Vinyl Tiles WOVON

Lauren Hewitt-Crabb  7 January 2019 10:47:57
The idea behind Polyflor’s new Wovon range was to provide an opportunity to explore new textures and patterns whilst still offering great functionality. The Wovon collection of interwoven vinyl tiles provides a unique and diverse selection of weave designs that come with extraordinary depth and sophisticated aesthetics to cater for projects that require contemporary styling.

The new collection consists of three tile patterns – Serene, Optics and Structure- from these architects and designers can create a spectrum of stylish decorations with each one encouraging creative placements and resulting in striking visuals. The subtle design structure of Serene co-ordinates beautifully alongside a broad range of surfaces to create a calm and balanced interior. Whilst the Structure tile combines several weaving techniques to create a three-dimensional floor design to add character and depth. Optics, inspired by the properties of light, adapts to it’s surroundings with light reflecting patterns that bring any interior environment to life.

Available in a range of 18 unique design options in 500mm x 500mm tile format, the Wovon collection is a sustainable product choice which is 100% recyclable, Phthalate free and low VOC.

To find out more, order samples and to view the brochure visit https://www.polyflor.com/jh/products.nsf/products!open&family=ivt&prodcode=FXSC281

Image:Polyflor Launches New Collection of Interwoven Vinyl Tiles WOVON

Polyflor Launches Verona Pure Colours Collection

Lauren Hewitt-Crabb  7 January 2019 10:19:50
Polyflor is delighted to announce the launch of the Polysafe Verona Pure Colours collection. Building on the success of the Original Polysafe Verona colour palette the Pure Colours collection features a new and contemporary decoration in a selection of 18 tonal hues, perfectly suited for installation within a wide range of commercial and residential environments to ensure the underfoot safety of occupants.

Developed with the requirements of those living with dementia in mind, the Polysafe Verona Pure Colours collection features a specially engineered emboss and unique matt finish, using complementary coloured quartz in the vinyl to harmonise with the base shade and generate enhanced sustainable slip resistance of 45+ (slider 96). The result is an aesthetically appealing safety floor that looks like a smooth vinyl with virtually ‘invisible’ slip resistance once laid on the floor.

Polyflor worked with the Dementia Services Development Centre (DSDC) at the University of Stirling to assess the suitability of the Pure Colours collection for specification in dementia friendly environments. The DSDC is an international centre of knowledge and expertise dedicated to improving the lives of those living with dementia which offers a product accreditation scheme which rates products on a tier scale. The Polysafe Verona Pure Colours collection performed exceptionally well with 14 colours achieving the highest 1a rating and 4 colours achieving 1b. Further information on the scheme is available on the Polyflor and DSDC websites.

For added reassurance of low maintenance in hygiene critical areas, Polysafe Verona features the renowned Polysafe polyurethane reinforcement (PUR) cleaning enhancement. Cross-linked and UV cured, Polysafe PUR is a super strength reinforcement designed to facilitate even easier cleaning, whilst providing optimum appearance and colour retention as well as improved soil release. Using a micro mop maintenance regime, chemical usage, energy intensive cleaning and water consumption are significantly reduced and life cycle maintenance costs of up to 60% are achievable when compared to untreated safety flooring.        

For more information, to order samples and to view brochures visit https://www.polyflor.com/jh/products.nsf/products!open&family=saf&prodcode=FXSC283

Image:Polyflor Launches Verona Pure Colours Collection

Discover a new world of colour with Palettone

Alison Gilmore  22 June 2018 15:49:34
Polyflor is delighted to announce the launch of their spectacularly colourful new homogeneous flooring collection, Palettone PUR. The premium Palettone range offers a full spectrum of colour, with 50 shades to choose from including classic neutrals, soothing pastels and daring brights. Featuring a non-directional, semi-matt emboss for the even distribution of light reflectance, the palette is split into seven colour groups - Cool Greys, Warm Greys, Greens, Blues, Pink Purples, Yellow Reds and Beige Browns.

With each Palettone design being made up of a solid colour base and complementary toned highlights, the collection includes shades designed to inspire commercial projects, such as Lunar Landscape, Festival Field, Faded Denim, Sugar Candy, Cayenne Heat and China Clay.  Designed for contemporary interior design schemes in commercial, leisure, retail, education, healthcare and office projects, durable Palettone sheet vinyl flooring has a 2mm gauge and features a high quality polyurethane reinforcement.

All 50 Palettone shades are available in 2 x 20m sheet format, while 12 of these shades are available in 608 x 608mm tiles and 6 are available in an SD sheet specification. Polyflor Static Dissipative products are engineered for use where static control is required, so Palettone SD is ideal for use in telecommunications installations, computer rooms, electronic manufacturing and healthcare facilities, such as scanner rooms, X-ray suites and operating theatres.

Palettone is 100% recyclable through the Recofloor vinyl take back scheme and contains recycled material.

Visit http://www.polyflor.com/palettone to see the collection, view the brochure and order free samples.

Image:Discover a new world of colour with Palettone

New Polysafe Quattro safety flooring for barefoot and shod areas

Kerry Edwards  12 February 2018 11:01:01
Polyflor’s first product launch of 2018 is the brand new Polysafe Quattro PUR collection! This innovative safety flooring range offers barefoot and shod sustainable wet slip resistance with a stud-free finish for enhanced comfort underfoot.

Designed to provide sustainable slip resistance in both wet and dry areas for barefoot and shod users, the Polysafe Quattro range is ideal for areas such as changing rooms, walk-in showers, wet rooms, adapted bathrooms, spas and pool surrounds in both residential and commercial environments. Available in a carefully developed colour palette of 12 shades, this HSE compliant 2mm gauge flexible sheet flooring product achieves 50+ on the Pendulum Test (Slider 96)

Visit the Safety flooring section of our website – www.polyflor.com/safety - to find out more about Polysafe Quattro’s performance credentials, view our new brochure and order free samples.  

Image:New Polysafe Quattro safety flooring for barefoot and shod areas

Polyflor donates iPads to Manchester primary school

Kerry Edwards  9 January 2018 15:02:02
Polyflor Ltd recently donated 8 iPads to a Manchester primary school as part of their commitment to supporting the local community.

The iPads, which were formerly used by their salesforce, were donated to Prospect Vale Primary School in Heald Green, Greater Manchester, where they are being used by students as interactive learning aids in the classroom.

Here are two of Prospect Vale Primary School’s students with Sonia Petherbridge, Polyflor’s Sustainability Market Manager, headteacher Mr. McDowell and Deputy Head Mr Papadopoulos.

Image:Polyflor donates iPads to Manchester primary school

LVT Trend Spotlight: New Opulence

Kerry Edwards  13 December 2017 10:13:03
There’s a fresh trend in town – New Opulence. Heavily influenced by the 1920’s Art Deco glamour and fashions of 18th century France, it’s certain that this retro trend has come full circle.

New Opulence in modern interiors is characterised by metallic accenting and accessories, rich tonal woods, wall panelling and luxury marble stone floors, as well as luxe materials such as leather and velvet. Additionally, dark coloured walls in navy, emerald green and claret provide the perfect backdrop for bold opulent furnishings and flooring designs.      

Our parquet and chevron LVT planks are a perfect choice for New Opulence interiors. Striking wood effect floors can be achieved using one or more designs, or alternatively our expansive collection of stone effect LVTs can be beautifully enhanced when paired with inlay strip accessories – particularly our metallic feature strips.

To order free samples of any Expona luxury vinyl tile design visit www.polyflor.com.

Image:LVT Trend Spotlight: New Opulence

LVT Trend Spotlight: Natural Raw Elements

Kerry Edwards  6 December 2017 09:33:15
The introduction of natural raw elements within interiors is a growing trend, heavily influenced by surging environmental awareness and the encouragement of individuals to become more eco-friendly.

In addition to reducing our carbon footprint, incorporating natural raw materials in interiors is an effective way of transforming large architectural spaces into spectacular interiors by giving them a natural feel and unique character. Elements such as concrete, reclaimed timbers, raw plywood, brickwork and steel are all materials commonly used in modern interiors, and their unfinished appearance added texture to an installation.  

Polyflor’s LVT collections offer a wide range natural and man-made designs which beautifully complement a plethora of raw building materials.  Here’s some examples on our Natural Raw Elements mood board.

Image:LVT Trend Spotlight: Natural Raw Elements

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